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Organic Sesame Oil 1 LtrOrganic Sesame Oil 1 Ltr
Organic Sesame Oil 1 Ltr

Organic Sesame Oil 1 Ltr

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Our White Sesame Seeds Oil (White Til Ka Tel) is made from certified organic sesame oil seeds, Kachi Ghani processed, no heat applied, amongst the oldest oil seeds produced in India. It contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3, Omega 6 and vitamins. Packed in glass bottles, ORGANIC INDIA Sesame Oil has long lasting aroma and taste. Use it in cooking to uplift your health quotient.
• Argemone oil free


Loaded with nutritional pearls. It is rich in PUFA & MUFA, omega 3, omega 6, vit E, vit B, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals. It is proven to lower the blood pressure in hypertensive patients. It contains sesamin and sesamolin, which help in lowering cholesterol and increase Vit E supply to body. Relieves rheumatoid arthritis. Improves bone health and oral health. Improves heart health, helps with depression and anxiety. It is known to reduce risk of cancer. Perfect skin partner. Increases skin elasticity, reduces age spots and provides sunscreen. Used to treat fungal infections.


Organic Sesame (White Til) Oil Free From Argemone Oil.

No preservatives.

ORGANIC INDIA Sesame oil, for the first time in India, is extracted by Kachi Ghani process without any heat application. In this process oil is obtained from the first crushing of sesame seeds at low temperature to retain the natural properties, antioxidants and essential compounds in the oil.

Use it as a cooking medium and stir fry

Use it for body and head massage

Use it for pickling

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