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ORGANIC INDIA herbal formulas and organic foods and Tulsi teas are offered in combinations to offer natural, safe and effective solutions for your health requirements. Generally, these supplements can be taken with your regular medication. Over time you may even be able to gradually reduce under supervision of your health care practitioner. Here are suggested combinations, although you are welcome to contact us for specific recommendations. These combinations provide effective solutions for promoting healthy optimal function, addressing all areas of wellness. Allergy Relief, Anemia Support, Blood Purifying, Constipation Relief, Immunity Boosting, Healthy Heart & Cholesterol Control, Senior Men's Health, Liver & Kidney Care, Healthy Joints & Bones, Healthy Skin, Men and Women's Optimal Health, Oral Health Support, Respiratory Health, Stress Relief, and Restful Sleep. We offer safe, effective quality products made with organic herbs that are sustainably grown and consciously processed to optimize wellness for you, our farmers and our environment. We are amongst the few herbal companies in India to receive a wide range of national and international certifications, including the first to gain Non-GMO verification.