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If you want to improve your health, find a natural approach for an illness, build your immune system, reduce stress, or simply feel better and have more energy, our pure and potent herbal supplements are here for you. ORGANIC INDIA's herbal formulations have been developed by the renowned Dr Narendra Singh, after 40 years of research, and thousands of happy, healthy patients. These formulations are made with certified organic and sustainably grown whole herbs and do not have adverse side effects. Our herbs are grown organically with biodynamic farming techniques, dehydrated and gently ground so the matrix of the bioactive molecules is preserved and the herbs are highly bioavailable. Then they are filled into 100% vegetarian capsules - free of toxic chemicals, solvents or alcohol. ORGANIC INDIA herbal formulas offer natural, safe and effective solutions for your health requirements. You are welcome to contact us for specific recommendations. Amalaki, Ashwagandha, Beautiful Skin, Bowelcare, Brahmi, Breathe Free, Flexibility, Herbal Antibiotic, Immunity, Lipidcare, LKC, Moringa, O-Boy, Osteoseal, Prostate Care, Shatavari, Sugr Balance, Triphala, Turmeric, Tulsi, Vitality, W-Bal, WWB