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Organic Tulsi Teas |

Tulsi Teas |

BUY ORGANIC INDIA's Natural Tulsi Tea Range. We are honored to be the first company to cultivate Tulsi and produce organic Tulsi tea. Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) is an adaptogenic herb that supports the immune system and helps your body relieve the negative effects of stress. Noted for 5,000 years throughout sacred Indian scriptures, Tulsi's remarkable anti-aging, life-enhancing qualities are now here for you to enjoy. ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi teas are a proprietary blend of three rare and potent varieties of Tulsi, namely Rama, Krishna and Vana, to make a delicious and nourishing herbal tea, abundant in powerful antioxidants. Tulsi is known for anti-stress and anti-aging properties that also support the immune system to fight illness, coughs and colds, promote healthy metabolism and digestion, build strength and stamina, eliminate toxins, and helps to regulate healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels. Our world famous range of Tulsi teas include the popular Tulsi Original, and naturally flavoured blends such as Tulsi Sweet Rose, Tulsi Ginger, Tulsi Honey Chamomile, Tulsi Mulethi, and Tulsi Brahmi . We have also wide range of Tulsi Green Teas and four functional Wellness Tea formulas and Tulsi Masala Chai, combining Tulsi, spices and premium Assam Tea.