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Amla Yummies 100gm, Pack of 3Amla Yummies 100gm, Pack of 3
Amla Yummies 100gm, Pack of 3

Amla Yummies 100gm, Pack of 3

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ORGANIC INDIA’S CERTIFIED ORGANIC AMLA YUMMIES (Rich in Vitamin C & Antioxidants) :  ORGANIC AMLA  are a delicious way to get all of  the natural health benefits of the Amla Fruit. Amla is rich in natural  Vitamin C & other antioxidants, which support digestion, immunityhair, skin and eyesAmla Drops made from Fresh Amla. Organic India follows standard parameters to grow Amala and preserve the freshness.



Value per 100g of ORGANIC INDIA Amla Yummies
Energy (kcal)                  343.10
Total Fat (g)                    0.14
Total Carbohydrate (g)     84.90
Of which Sugar (g)          76.55
Protein (g)                      0.55
Vitamin C (mg)               121.63

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