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Cholesterol Control PackCholesterol Control Pack
Cholesterol Control Pack

Cholesterol Control Pack

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LIPIDCARE Total Cholesterol Control

Lowers LDL and enhances HDL
Significantly reduces triglycerides
Reduces the heart’s workload
Lowers heart rate & blood pressure

ORGANIC INDIA herbal supplements are safe to take long term and in conjunction with other medications

ASHWAGANDHA Relieves Stress & Builds Vitality

Powerful rejuvenating adaptogen 
Relieves stress and exhaustion
Increases stamina and vitality 
Protective anti-aging antioxidant

* ORGANIC INDIA uses the thickest of the best organic Ashwagandha roots from Bundelkhand that we grow and process ourselves.

TULSI GREEN TEA Stress Relieving and Empowering

Stress Relieving and Empowering
Abundance of anti-aging antioxidants 
Strengthens the Immune System 
Decrease the risk factors of heart disease

ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Green Tea is a unique combination of Green Tea and three types of Tulsi chosen for their unique and complimentary health benefits.

PSYLLIUM HUSK Heart Healthy Source of Dietary Fiber

Heart Healthy and Certified Organic  
Lowers total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels
beneficial amount of both soluble and insoluble fiber
Enhances digestion and regular elimination 

* It is essential to choose Organic Psyllium as conventionally-grownPsyllium is sprayed with pesticides while growing and treated with chemicals during processing.

Every ORGANIC INDIA product creates benefits for you, our farmers, and Mother Earth.


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