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Winter Self Kit For MenWinter Self Kit For Men
Winter Self Kit For Men

Winter Self Kit For Men

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ORGANIC INDIA Chyawanprash

Organic Chyawanprash strengthens the immune system. It makes your body strong and give the power to fight with dieases. It nourishes brain cells and enhances memory power, increasing retention and recall. Supports healthy heart function. Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients. Alleviates cough and asthma. Promotes glowing skin complexion. It is also very helpful in growth of children. 

Spoonful of 46 Powerful Organic Ingredients


Specific Benefits of Organic Chyawanprash Include: Supports digestion of food Balances stomach acids A rich source of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and speeds healing Smoothes heart function Nourishes brain cells and improves coordination and memory Maintains moisture balance in the lungs Supports liver function to purify the blood and eliminate toxins Eases occasional constipation and promotes elimination without taxing the urinary system Improves skin complexion and increases the absorption of calcium Organic Chywanprash is a perfect blend of Ayurvedic Herbs It improves liver function.

Spoonful of 46 Powerful Organic Ingredients

Powerful Organic Ingredients

Sanskrit NameBotanical Name
 Amalaki (dry) Phyllanthus emblica/ emblica officinale
 Draksha Vitis vinifera
 Ela Eletteria cardamomum
 Pippali Piper longum
 Patra Cinnamomum Tamala
 Tvak Cinnamomum Zeylanicium
 Haritaki Terminalia chebula
 Guduci Tinospora cordifolia
 Ela Eletteria cardamomum
 Bilva Aegle marmelos
 Agnimantha Premna spp
 Syonaka Oroxylum indicum
 Gambhari Gemelina arborea
 Patala Stereospermum coalis
 Salaparni Desmodium gangaticum
 Prsniparni Pseudarthria viscida
 Mudgaparni Vigna radiata
 Masaparni Vigna mungo
 Gokshura Tribulus terrestris
 Brhati Solanum indicum
 Kantakari Solanum xanthocarpum
 Vidari(Rshabaka) Ipomea maurtiana/Pueraria Tuberosa
 Jivaka Ipomea maurtiana/Pueraria Tuberosa
 Sati Kempfreria galanga
 Musta Cyprus rotundus
 Punarnava Boerhavia diffusa
 Meda/ Satavari Asperagus racemoses
 Vidari Ipomea maurtiana/Pueraria Tuberosa
 Pippali Piper longum
 Vasa Adhathoda vasika
 Kakanasika Martynia annua
 Utpala Nymphea stellata
 Agaru Aquillaria agallocha
 Puskara(sati) Kempfreria galanga
 Bala Sidda cordifolia/ Sidda rombifolia
 Jivanti Holostemma adakodien/ Laptedenia reticulata
 Riddhi(Musali) Curculigo orchioides
 Candana Santalum album
 Kakoli(Ashwagandha) Withania somnifera
 Tamalaki Phyllauthus amarus/ Niruri
 Tugaksiri Bambusa bambus
 Kesara (N O) Mesua ferrea
 Matsyandika Sugarcane juice concentrate (Jaggery)
 Madhu Honey
 Ghrta Cow's ghee
 Tila Taila Sesamum indicum


ORGANIC INDIA Chyawanprash can be spread on wholesome breads or crackers, added to smoothies, or as a healthy snack just eaten right out of the jar with a spoon! Traditionally in India, it is stirred into a warm glass of milk. It is naturally sweet, using mineral rich gur (organic cane juice that has been slowly reduced to a thick syrup, somewhat like maple syrup) and organic honey, and has that authentic taste of the spices of India. Goes great with a cup of Tulsi: Tulsi Original, Tulsi Chai Masala and Tulsi Red Chai.


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